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Mastic asphalt is one of the oldest and most reliable building products known to man. It has a long and successful history, providing unbeatable protection from water penetration for centuries.

On of the main benefits of mastic asphalt is the diverse range of construction applications on which it can be used. The product offers total waterproofing integrity for roofing and tanking whilst also acting as a tough working surface in car parks, flooring and paving applications. It is also a natural anti-root membrane, making it ideal for use with roof gardens and brown roof systems.

Mastic asphalt is manufactured in the UK and has excellent environmental credentials. Typical systems last in excess of 50 years and offer exceptional reliability, unbeatable fire safety performance and long-lasting waterproofing protection.


What is Mastic Asphalt?

Mastic Asphalt is comprised of suitably graded limestone aggregates bound together with an asphaltic cement to produce a dense, voidless material.

How is it Installed?

It is spread by skilled craftsmen by means of a hand float. For larger projects the material can be delivered to site by hot charge tankers for rapid installation.

Typical Applications

  • Residential flat roofs

  • Commercial flat roofs

  • Industrial buildings

  • Balconies, walkways & terraces

  • Green roofing applications


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